Creator A30

Enjoy the ultimate Touch experience with 4 Touch keys and 1 Touchpad, 8192 levels pressure sensitive, battery-free stylus, 290 PPS reporting rate and 5080LPI resolution allows you to express yourself freely on a 10x6 inch working area.

Natural and Precise: 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity provide exquisite strokes and make the lines smoother and natural. The battery-free pen allows you to create without interruption, without the need to replace batteries and recharge.

Large Size, Feel Better : With a sizeable 10x6 inch drawing area, the A30 drawing tablet offers more space for artistic creation. In addition, the matte surface facilitates increased friction and makes your writing feel closer to the paper, so you can draw as you wish.

Supports Left and Right handed: The A30 design tablet comes with a type-c port design which allows to plug in and out in either direction, making it more convenient and stable. It supports both right and left-hander. The A30 digital drawing tablet comes with an additional 8 pen tips, 1 drawing tablet film, and an artist's glove. You don't need to buy extra accessories, saving your time and making drawing more convenient.

Widely Used: Designed for drawing, design, online education, E-signature, as well as photo/video editing. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome OS and Linux. You can start your artwork with A30 in most software like Adobe Photoshop, SAI, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Clip Studio, SketchBook, MediBang, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp, etc.

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Specs & Details+

Dimension: 332 x 212 x 9mm

Model: A30

Working Area: 10" x 6"

Report rate: 290 PPS

Resolution: 5080 LPI

Pen: P01

Pressure Sensitivity: 8192

Reading Height: 10mm

Port: USB-C

Tilt: 60°

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac OS 10.12 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later), Linux(Ubuntu/elementary OS/Pop!OS/ezgo/debian/mint/mageia/centOS/Arch), Android 6.0 (or later)

Color: Black

Warranty: 24 Months Limited Hardware Warranty

Shortcut Keys: 4

In the Box+

1 x A30 Pen Tablet

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x P01 Battery-free Pen

1 x Pen Case

8 x Pen Nibs

1 x Nib Extractor

1 x Quick Start Guide

2 x OTG Connector

1 x Transparent Film

1 x Drawing Glove

Creator A30 Pen tablet
Let creativity flow on your fingertip.
Touchpad for a dynamic experience
The A30 pen tablet features a unique touchpad that can be programmed to zoom in and out, scroll up and down, and more on the canvas, providing you with the perfect touch experience.
In addition, the 4 touch keys can be set to suit your usage habits and create with maximum convenience and efficiency.
Show your lifelike creations
With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt support, every line and stroke of input is rendered delicately and vividly on your computer screen, making your creations come to life.
8192 Levels
±60° Tilt
Mouse right click
Smooth to draw. Better to show.
The 290 PPS report rate supports fast and smooth line input so that your every thought will never fall; 5080LPI resolution allows you to express yourself freely and focus more on details.
290 PPS report rate
5080LPI resolution
Push your ideas to the edge
A30 Pen Tablet is equipped with a 10x6 inch working area to give you more space and
freedom to express your creativity; the durable matte surface increases friction and
makes your writing feel closer to the paper.
Reversible USB-C port
Easily plug-in in either direction, making it more convenient and stable, supporting both left and right-hander.
Strong device compatibility
The A30 drawing tablet can be connected to a computer or a cell phone and can be used anywhere. Compatible with Windows or later, Mac 10.12 or later, Android 6.0 or later, Chrome OS, and Linux; you can use it for painting, NFT art, designing, online teaching and web conferencing in Adobe Photoshop, SAI, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Clip Studio, SketchBook, MediBang, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp and more.
Getting Started with Your Pen tablet
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Customer reviews
5.00 out of 5 stars

5.00 ratings | 9 reviews

1.Ginginati on 2023-05-13
Viekk A30 is a smooth, sleek graphic tablet anlt a great price, which is perfect for beginners or experts within the digital art industry.The box arrives with pen, spare nibs, cables, start guide and driver reminder. The driver is easily downloaded from the site and takes maximum of 5 minutes to setup, which is so handy if you get confused with the usual long process of other tablets. The fact that the pen is battery free is ideal for those who draw so much, that they forget to charge their pens. This means all you have to do is plug and draw anywhere you do with your devices. The pressures of the pen feels sick and smooth with the Sai Programmes, the adjustable keys on the side of the tablet is super handy to switch to certain tools needed while drawing. The surface has a wide range giving you more space to move your hand as you sketch and the freedom of it feels bliss. For a tablet with such functionality and at a low price, is definitely worth the purchase. This is a new personal favourite now!
2.Oly Scott on 2023-04-28
The tablet connects to the PC or Mac via a USB to USB C cable. The Cable has a right angle connector for the tablet end which helps keep the cable out of the way. A great feature is how this tablet can be rotated for left or right hand use. Just turn it round and click the button in the driver window for whatever hand you prefer and it will automatically switch the horizontal and vertical axis. You have options in the driver for programing the quick keys on the pen and tablet and adjusting pressure sensitivity. It's a basic driver but that's all you really need. The pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels is very good and easily recognized my lightest touch, producing some good straight fine lines with no judder. Applying pressure gradually shows how this tablet can easily compete with a high end Wacom and produced the same line quality as this much pricier tablet.
3.LdT on 2023-04-12
The A30 comes in a 10x6 inch size which is a perfect size for working at home and for beginners, giving you enough space to work on. It fits well in your backpack and is slightly longer than DIN A4 size and thin like a regular notepad. The tablet comes with a USB-C port, a chique stylus with 2 hotkeys that you can program and dont need to charge and the special thing about the A30 model is that it has a touch display and four hot keys on it, that light up when you touch/use them. For the display, you can program it as if there are another four keys. But if you work with a PC/Laptop, you might as well just use your keyboard if you are a beginner and don't need to save much time. It's a nice feature all in all but not very necessary to have.
4.Stuart Turvey on 2023-02-14
I received my Veikk A30 tablet this week, delivery was extremely fast (and free for Amazon Prime members!). The box design had me excited from the get go, tells you what you need to know in terms of report rate speed (250 RPS), Lines per inch (5080 LPI), levels of pressure sensitivity (8192) and size 10”x6” all of which are particularly impressive given the low price of the tablet.
5.Vicky Moore on 2022-09-09
This tablet exceeded my expectations. I purchased because of a sale just to get a feel for sketching on a display tablet. I had never heard of this brand and was fully expecting to return the item. I’m keeping it and I will be checking gaomons product lineup when it’s time to get a bigger display.