Veikk Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet&Display(Free Size) Good for Right Hand or Left Hand

Work for both hands - Veikk Artist Glove with two fingers; The package includes one unit of glove which can be used on both hand, free size.

Anti-fouling design - It can prevent smudges from your hand on a Graphic Tablet, Graphics Monitor or some other items, leaving no more scratch.

Comfortable Material - Made from Soft Lycra and Nylon, extremely flexible, comfortable to work with; It can reduce friction between your hand and the surface.

Classic color - The glove is black, peaceful and charming color; And the most important point is that this color is soiling resistant so you do not need to wash it frequently.

Flexible using - Works perfectly for sketching, inking, coloring and digital drawing on graphics tablets.

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Specs & Details+
In the Box+

1x Glove

Soft and smooth
Made from soft and smooth Lycra material.
Universal size
Can be used on both the right and left hand.
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