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With the rapid development of remote working and metaverse, the number of people working from home is on the rise. No matter what remote working challenges you face, Veikk is here to help you do your best work – anywhere, anytime. Whether your job requires a lot of annotations, video conference presentations or the need to collaborate on documents, Veikk's digital pen technology can help by making it easier to interact with and engage your colleagues.

The Veikk pen tablet/display is excellent for making remote work from home more productive. The pen on the screen feels like writing on paper, and working in a completely familiar way opens up a new world of productivity, making working remotely from home more efficient and freer to schedule.
01. Mind Map | Electronic Notes
Organize your thoughts and electronic notes at any time

Mind mapping is a popular way for many office workers to organize their thoughts, making them more explicit through layers of refinement and disassembly. With Veikk's support, the familiar feel of pen and paper, convenient operation experience, and the ability to capture inspiration at any time make visual thinking more efficient.

On business trips, you can also use the Veikk device to display documents on your phone by connecting it to your cell phone, and you can also turn the Veikk device into a digital notebook in meetings to record meeting highlights at any time.

02. Meeting Discussions | Presentations
Unlock the new office posture, the meeting presentation at a glance
During the meeting, you can share the presentation to your partners through the sharing screen with the software that can draw/write, and you can record the key points at any time while discussing, which is convenient.


All Veikk devices can be used for cloud video conferencing in Zoom software to communicate and collaborate with each other, make multi-person video calls, share presentation screens and more, creating a hassle-free communication environment.


Using Veikk devices are available in Teams' own whiteboard for multi-person whiteboard writing, with the Microsoft Whiteboard tool open on the shared screen, and the shared whiteboard with attendees ready to participate in discussions and brainstorming. In addition, you can use the local whiteboard software to cast your presentation if you just want to show it off.

03. Document Annotation
Real-time recording, both drawing and annotation
Veikk devices assist in remote work from home, and when sharing screens, you can annotate documents by circling highlights with your favorite symbols.
04. Document | Contract Signing
Say goodbye to traditional paper and pen, digital pen with one click cloud signature
Working remotely from home inevitably involves binding contracts or documents that need to be signed. Veikk helps you get back to writing on paper and sign your name online anytime, anywhere to keep things organized.
These are the four practical scenarios for Veikk's remote work from home. Collect this super practical guide and work together online anytime, anywhere.
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