Veikk's Student Discount

The way we here at Veikk's see it, hardworking university and college students deserve to get something back for their dedication to those creative moments. And we want to give something back to those who give everything they've got, all year round, and that's where the Veikk's Student Discount comes in. All you have to do to get involved is click on the 'Connect with Student Beans ID' button and follow a few quick steps which will verify that you are a current student and give you an exclusive single-use student discount code.

After that. You'll be sent to Veikk's site where you can choose your pen tablets and displays, and then enter the voucher code and you'll be on your way to a creative world. So what are you waiting for? You're too smart to miss out on an offer this good and let's be honest. You deserve it!

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