Follow the steps below to setup your
Veikk Studio VK2200 Pro Pen display
Step 1
Connect Studio VK2200 Pro
to your computer

Connect HDMI to your computer

Connect USB to your computer

Plug into power

Connect to VK2200 Pro

Turn on your VK2200 Pro

*Some PC, Mac, and Chromebook devices require a multiport adapter with HDMI and USB-A
100-240V power
Step 2
Download and install the driver

Before your install the driver, pls uninstall all tablet drivers from your computer and keep all antivirus programs, creative software closed.

Click "driver.exe" and follow onscreen instructions.

Restart your computer after installation.

*Not required for Chromebook
Open the driver in "system preferences-security&Privacy-General" for Mac OS.
Step 3
Register to get more service

Create a Veikk ID or sign-in and register your product to get more latest news of the driver and other product services