Studio VK1560

15.6-inch work area, 1982x1080 HD screen with 92% NTSC color gamut, 178° viewing angle allows you to view vivid and clear images with a broader field of view. 1 Quick Dial and 7 Shortcut Keys greatly simplify your workflow.

New Class of Creative Pen Display: Optimized feature set for creative starters provides FHD clarity and ergonomic design that allows you to take your creative ideas and illustrations to the next level.

Super Responsive: VK1560 features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 60° tilt response and virtually lag-free tracking. 7 customizable shortcut keys and a Dial allow easy access to more customized options to suit your preferred work style.

Full-laminated: VK1560 art display is adopting full-laminated technology, seamlessly combining the glass and the screen, to create a distraction-free working environment that's also easy on the eyes.

Industry-leading Color Displays: Veikk VK1560 has IPS display and showcase uniform brightness, 1920x1080 high resolution and true to life color quality.

Control at Your Fingertips: The relaxed parallax gives you full control and combined with the super responsive P03 Battery-free stylus, makes creating feel as natural as drawing on paper.

Adjustable Stand Included Allows you have more flexible and ergonomic working positions. Work in complete comfort and create a better artwork.

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Specs & Details+

Dimension: 425 x 261 x 15mm

Model: VK1560

Working Area: 15.6"

Report rate: 290 PPS

Pen: P03

Pressure Sensitivity: 8192

Reading Height: 10mm

Tilt: 60°

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac OS 10.12 (or later), Chrome OS 88 (or later), Linux(Ubuntu/elementary OS/Pop!OS/ezgo/debian/mint/mageia/centOS/Arch)

Color: Black

Warranty: 24 Months Limited Hardware Warranty

Full Lamination: Yes

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Visual Angle: 178°

Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V

Shortcut Keys: 7

Dial: 1

In the Box+

1 x VK1560 Pen Display

1 x USB Cable

1 x HDMI Cable

1 x Power Cable

1 x Adaptor

1 x P03 Battery-free Pen

1 x Pen Case

10 x Pen Nibs

1 x Nib Extractor

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x Drawing Glove

1 x Cleaning Cloth

IPS HD Screen Drawing Display
VEIKK vk1560
1920x1080 High Definition
VEIKK vk1560
Beauty Colorful World
1920x1080 HD IPS drawing monitor with 16.7 million display colors
16.7 Million Display Colors
1920×1080 Resolution
Easy viewing from different directions
178° viewing angle
Built-in Pen Tray
Intelligent Passive Pen
8192 Levels
Matte Screen Protector
Anti-reflective matte protector reduces visible light reflection on the screen , reduce glare effects Providing paper-like feel Make the drawing creation smoother
Adjustment Button
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Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5 stars

4.92 ratings | 14 reviews

1.Treyton on 2023-05-15
This product is really amazing in my opinion. So for starters, it is really easy to set up, it's a simple plug in and install drivers situation. No need to go through extra complicated steps. Another point about this product is that it has a pressure sensitive screen. I did try this out a little but did not include a pic due to my time restraints with the product (I'm a manager at a food place I basically have no life). But, that means if you are using any type of Art Application that has pressure sensitive input, you can use this with no problem. And while I am on the topic of drawing, the pen is amazing too. This products pen/stylus does not require a battery at all, nor does it require being plugged into the tablet or pc. It is just it's own existing thing. The hotkeys are very useful, you can map them to anything from use to the application you use, or just to control your PC. So it definitely works as good gaming screen (If that's what you want to use it for as a second option). I know I will be personally, I am always gaming in the go, and although it will look weird showing up to a Tekken 7 tournament with a drawing tablet and a controller, it still works and that's all that matters. My verdict, great tablet. Must buy!
2.Eva on 2023-04-10
I have done a lot of research on Drawing Tablets and I must admit that I was intimidated by all the things I heard and all the fancy big buttons but I knew in order to step up my art skills, I had to get it. The VK1560 is the Greatest choice I could have made for a Drawing Tablet! When I first opened my package, I was mindblown on how Sleek and Professional the Tablet looked! It instantly could make any place you put it look like a official Setup. As I continued to unbox it the astonishment only grew. Setting up the VK1560 was super EASY. All I had to do was first, go to and download the drivers (As stated on the note within the package) then simply connect the USB and HDMI cords to your PC and lastly plug in the power cord! That's It! After that I was good to go! One thing that I was concerned about during my research on Drawing Tablets was the phrase I kept hearing over and over, "Pen Pressure." To my surprise the VK1560 lets you FULLY customize the Pen Pressure to your Unique style and liking so you can make art however you want! Not only that, on the left side of the tablet there are 8 Shortcut Buttons that you can assign to any task you like (Erase, Zoom, Redo ect.). Everything is perfect, the Custom Pen Pressure, Button Assigns just Everything. Thats not all. As I was setting everything up, I quickly noticed EXTRA features that many other Drawing Tablets do not have. The Vk1560 also has a BUILT-IN Adjustable Stand so you can work at any angle you wish. This feature also means for great mobility around your setup. You can keep it stationary on your desk or you can flatten the stand and put your VK1560 in your desk or on a shelf. Now to the Display itself. The Display is simple to explain.. Its perfect. Its not to big or to small. The VK1560 also comes with a screen cleaner and hand glove so you can keep your display in great health. Doing Art is so much simpler combining all the features the VK1560 provides! Whether your a beginner like me or a expert, the VK1560 is the perfect purchase for you. Not only is it a great product but it's way more affordable than other drawing tablets! I highly encourage you to get this!
3.Cassandra Nuno on 2023-03-15
As a user who uses a Surface Pro (2017) for a daily tablet, my review is based on my experience from using a touch screen tablet. I have not tried any of the big-name brand monitor tablets, but Veikk once again hits it out of the park with their product! Super responsive, very, VERY good price and you get everything you will ever need from the box! The Veikk driver is the same for the A30 I had previously installed, so that wasn't hard. It also came with an extra stylus! The pressure sensitivity is amazing. I like the brightness of the screen. The programmable buttons on the side were easy to set up and do actually come in handy over using a keyboard. I wasn't' hurting my wrist as much. I like how the stylus is battery-free, and you get extra nibs! That's a big bonus for me! You get all the wires and accessories for this product. I was impressed with what came with it. The back stand can be nicely adjustable to whatever height you need and to be comfortable. I really enjoy this monitor tablet. It felt really nice to draw on. For the price of this compare to other ones, you honestly can't beat this price if this is a tablet you are looking to get! It does the job good and more!
4.Dad of Divas on 2023-03-01
So far I have been using this for a few weeks and I wanted to give it a good test drive before I reviewed it. Both my daughters love art so this was something that we were excited to try as I know it is something that will help them to bring their art to a whole new level. In receiving this unit I came to find that it was a huge screen (which I was expecting) but it was even larger than I first thought it would be. As I opened the unit I was happy to feel how light the tablet was. I also was impressed that you got everything that you needed to make sure that you were read to set this up. You will have to download software to use with a computer, but other than that everything was in the box. As I plugged this in I found that you get a good resolution and color on the screen itself. You can also adjust brightness on the back if you would like which was a nice addition! There is already a screen protector on the screen which was nice, especially with how large the screen is. The protector is a matte finish which does not impact screen quality, but instead, it actually enhances the experience.
5.Marla on 2023-02-22
I am a 31yo freelance artist who works at home and does commissions for a living so it was a real pleasure to find this tablet at such a reasonable price for those of us who don't want/can't spend an arm and a leg for the Wacom tablets. I have owned a Graphire4, Intuos Medium, then switched to display tablets with my 22" Monoprice a few years ago. I must say it would be hard for me to revert back to a display-less tablet. This tablet has a great screen, it's also widescreen which is nice so your tool side bars don't get too intrusive in your work space. After a bit of tweaking with the settings and pen pressure it is a solid peace of technology for growing or professional artists of all kinds!