Veikk Studio VK1200: Sleek and compact display and pen

23/05/2023 Julie Powell


One of the biggest problems people seem to have with a drawing tablet is hand-eye coordination. Using a display tablet that allows you to draw directly onto the tablet can overcome this. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with that and found myself constantly looking aat my monitor anyway.




Straight out of the box, it is easy to use. Plug and play and the pen (or stylus) and tablet work a treat (It does require drivers to be loaded for programming buttons and dial), it does require a connection for the Display to work, but you can also use it without the display.

  • Has programmable buttons on the tablet, is easy to set up and is very handy 
  • It has a smooth and comfortable matte surface to work on, actually, it’s quite dreamy
  • Pressure sensitive pen, with tilt function
  • Minimalist design and comfortable to use
  • Small and compact, great for take-it-anywhere convenience
  • The pen fits comfortably in your hand (battery free)
  • Fully laminated and High Resolution (IPS FHD display features 16.7 million true-to-life colors and ultra-low reflectivity) 1920×1080
  • Appears to be a solid build
  • Good installation guide (once downloaded from the website)
  • Can be set up for left or right-handed users
  • Comes with spare nibs and a pen holder
  • Non-slip feet
  • The tablet can be used without turning the display on


Studio VK1200 — Endless creativity 

Ergonomics are pretty good. It’s light and comfortable to work with. Nice, fluid smooth matte surface area and pen connection. Adjustable pressure sensitivity.

Build quality 

The tablet feels solid in the hand, although it is pretty light, making it quite transportable. The stylus is also lightweight, solid and has a non-slip matte surface. Feels comfortable in the hand.

Out of the box 

Out of the box, there are no batteries or anything, connect via the supplied USB-C & HDMI cable and the pen worked straight away (it comes with two pens and a pen holder). In the Download section, there is a link for the User manual, this manual is quite good and once I shut down Lightroom and Photoshop the drivers were installed quickly and easily. A quick Restart and the Veikk software allowed me to program the pen and tablet with ease. Two pens are supplied, a pen holder, 20 extra nibs, a nib extractor, a cleaning cloth and a handy drawing glove.

Studio — In use 


You can program the buttons to whatever function you wish ie; Grab/Move, zoom in and out, increase/decrease the brush size. You can even program the buttons on the stylus.

Battery life

Refreshingly no batteries are required at all. No charging!


You simply connect the pen tablet to your computer with the included USB-C cable, and HDMI Cable (a display adapter may be required — not included).


Once I programmed my pen and tablet, it was super intuitive to use. The pen feels comfortable and the matte surface feels terrific to work with, it is dreamy and so nice for painting especially. Very precise.

Tip: Use some reusable tape and write what you have programmed the buttons for and stick on the buttons or attach a sticky note to your PC until you remember them all.

Final thoughts

Once installed and set up, it is super easy to use. Has nice solid fluid movement and details. The buttons are great, my biggest problem was the size. While it is brilliant to work on I found it was too small to read the text in Photoshop. I can increase the size of the image I am working on but not my Photoshop screen. I actually found if I turned the display feature off and used it as a basic drawing tablet and looked at my monitor it was better.

If you are a serious digital artist I would suggest looking at the 22″ version I would think as a display this might be a better option. However IF you are looking at something small and compact and travel-friendly then the VK1200 (11.6″ to be precise) may be the best option for you, available via website.

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