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Driver Installing

How to install driver in windows system?

Open website——support——download and start to download driver.

Running driver installing pack and start to install

After installing, driver icon will appear on desktop.

Run it and start to use. if driver won't come out, please click driver inside task bar like photo below.

How to install driver in Mac 10.14 or later version?

How to install driver on phone?

Veikk tablet does not support iphone.
For android phone please open OTG and update system to android 6.0+. It is unnecessary to install driver on phone. For more information, please check:
How to install driver in Chrome book?

You can use tablet on chrome book without driver. If you can't make it work, please contact customer service and ask engineer to help you update tablet firmware. (but you need to get a windows computer to do this).

How to download the latest driver?

You can download driver in our website.
Here is the link:
How to install driver for mac 10.10 or later version?

Please download old mac driver from link below:

How to use

How to customize shortcut keys/my tablet keys are not working.

Please download and install driver first.

For a clear description, please check guide video below:

Cursor is moving, but there is no pressure in driver

1)Download VEIKK driver and install it

2)Open “System Preference”---“Security & Privacy”

3)Click “Privacy”—Click the lock to make changes

4)Select “Tablet Driver Center” on Accessibility and Input Monitoring. And lock to save

5)Restart your computer.
Pen display no signal and turns to sleep mode.

Please make sure the HDMI cable is connected to computer graphic card directly. The HDMI to type-C cable, instead of HDMI to USB adapter, is compatible.

The driver goes crash when running it.

Windows system:Only the user account which installed the driver can open the driver, please uninstall and restall driver.
Mac system: Only the Admin account can use tablet no matter which account installed driver.

There is only "about us" when opening the driver.

Please make tablet cable is connected to computer directly. If computer does not have USB port, a USB to type c adapter is available. But type c to type c cablet is not compatible.

Software issue

How to use tilt pen pressure?

Here is an intorduction about tilt pressure.
Please contact us and update the tablet firmware.

There is no pen pressure on Adobe illustrator

1)Open AI, Choose Brush—New Brush.

(if you can't find it, please press F5 on your computer)

2)Select “Calligraphic Brush” — “OK”

3)Choose “Pressure” and make the “Variation” value to max and then choose “OK” 

There is no pen pressure on Gimp

1)Please using pen to do setting not mouse!

2)Open GIMP—Edit—Input Device

3)Choose “VEIKK Tablet pressure stylus”—Mode(Screen)--Close

4)Go to the left corner, click the icon  with the tablet pen, and choose “Pressure Size”(note: click and choose with the tablet pen)

There is no pen pressure on photoshop.

Please open driver--mapping---select “Enable windows ink Function”

If this won't help, please delete “PSUserConfig” on file location below
C:\Users\your user name\AppData(Hidden files)\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2020\Adobe Photoshop 2020 Settings
How to use tablet to take online class?

About 90% teacher choose microsoft powerpoint + Onenote/whiteboard when they do online teaching.

Here is a video introducing how to use tablet with those software.


Hardware issue

My computer does not have USB port.

If your computer does not have USB port, please find an adapter instead of using type c to type c cable.

C to C cable is not compatible with tablet.

How can I repair the pen if it is broken ?

The graphic pen is not like common pen. if it is broken, you can't repair by yourself. 

We recommend you buy a new pen instead and it is sold in VEIKK stores(Aliexpress, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee etc).

My tablet can't be detected by driver.

Please check whether the tablet LED light flashes for 4 times after it has been connected (for A15 the power light is always on) .

If not, please check tablet connection.

If yes, please click diagnostic tools and check whether there are software conflicts.

How can I get a new tablet cable?

The tablet cable is just common type c to usb cable. You can buy it in any cellphone accessories store.

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