VEIKK VK1060PRO New Launch!

Time: 2021-02-08 10:26:14 Click:

VEIKK’s new graphic tablet VK1060Pro was officially released on Feb,2021. With a large drawing area of 10*6 inches, VK1060Pro has multiple upgrades in the overall design to enhance the user experience.

VK1060pro has 6 shortcut keys and 2 scroll wheels. This is VEIKK's first design with 2 scroll wheels. Each scroll wheel can be set with 4 shortcut functions, which is convenient for users to set functions according to their own preferences and switch freely during the creation process. Type C interface design, easy to plug and unplug in any direction, is much easier to use! The VK1060PRO includes a passive battery-free pen, with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, and supporting ±60° tilt function. Thus, it can smoothly and naturally simulate the special angle under the change of the stroke. At the same time, the VK1060PRO tablet has optimized system compatibility. It not only is compatible with Windows, mac OS, and Android, but also with Linux system. Users can enjoy the fun of creation by connecting to a computer or Android phone.

The launch of VK1060pro aims to provide users with a more professional and high-quality painting experience. We look forward to exploring more possibilities of creation through the upgrading of VEIKK products. At present, the new products have been launched on major sales platforms, such as Amazon, Lazada,Shopee, Aliexpress etc.

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