VEIKK New Release VK1060

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VEIKK VK1060, the new digital drawing tablet with 10*6 inches working area and 8 shortcut keys, was officially released on Jan,2021. Now let’s see what features it is designed with.

In respective of appearance, the size of VK1060 is 10*6 inches, a large drawing area. With a thin and light body it is portable and convenient. In terms of shortcut operation, VK1060 drawing tablet is designed with 8 shortcut keys, very friendly for users to enhance the fun of creation! Users can personalize the functions according to their own preferences. These functions can be switched freely during the creation process to improve creation efficiency! VK1060 also includes a passive pen, no battery and no need to charge, environment-friendly. With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, this pen provides creators with drawing experience closer to the real brush. The Type- C interface design can be easily plugged and unplugged from any direction, making it easier to use! At the same time, the VK1060 digital tablet system has multiple compatibility and supports Windows, mac OS, and Android systems. Users can not only connect to a computer, but also enjoy the fun of creation through a mobile phone.

The aim of launch of VK1060 is to offer creators a more professional creation experience. Taking the users’ needs into consideration, we have been taking steady steps in exploring more possibilities of creation through the upgrading of VEIKK designs. At present, VK1060 pen tablets have been sold online on major sales platforms, such as Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Aliexpress etc.

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