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Make Design Unrestricted by Time and Space

The traditional design is easily affected by the surrounding environment. However, with the advent of the graphics tablet digital and

drawing display, more and more artists have begun to make full use of the convenience brought by the drawing tablet, such as the digital

pen instead of a mouse or a pencil, various drawing software instead of the papers , and so on. They can free their inspiration

and no longer let their creation suffer from time and space limits.

Make Design High-qualified and Efficiently

For Graphic , Product and Fashion Design

VEIKK graphic tablet can simplify the design process and improve work efficiency. Different from the traditional computer mouse, brushes

and erasers on the tablet can reduce many steps in the design process and ensure the efficiency and quality

of creation.Designers use visual arts to express concepts through graphical elements and use Photoshop

in combination with a digital tablet to bring out different visual effects.